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E-Mail Marketing
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E-Mail Marketing

E-Mail Marketing

There is one truth in advertising – you have to cast a very wide net to capture only a few.  And with all the modern-day distractions, is your target audience actually seeing what you have to offer, or are they too busy to see you through the clutter?  Whether you trying to move away from traditional print marketing, or are looking to improve your online efforts, Site Assemble Internet Services can help guide you through the many choices before you.  We can tailor an e-mail marketing plan specific to your needs – from design, to messaging, to delivery, we’re your one-stop-shop to better reach your customers.

You may be asking yourself, “so why should my company advertise by e-mail?”  The truth is, e-mail marketing isn’t for everyone.  But for the majority of businesses, it’s a must-have in this competitive market.  As a bonus, the entry costs are markedly lower than traditional marketing methods.  This is because you won’t have all the same costs associated with traditional print and media marketing – no printing costs, no production costs for expensive television and radio spots, no bloated design teams to manage.  From start to finish, we can help you design a compelling advertisement and deploy it directly to your customers at very low rates.

We’ll help you design a compelling e-mail marketing piece, one that speaks to your important products and services, and one that can keep the interest of its intended reader.  Gone are the days of simple text messages with no rhyme or reason – here to stay are the colorful, meaningful messages that target what your customers are after.  From sale offers to special announcements, your company must be reflected in the most positive light, and we’ll craft for you that special message.

While we’re committed to making sure you can reach your customers in a multitude of ways, we are very sensitive to the needs of those you’re trying to reach.  We are extremely active in combating SPAM, and employ a double opt-in method of ensuring that new list subscribers are who they say they are.  In addition, we insist that incoming company lists are scrubbed of any users who have not specifically given permission to have e-mail sent to them.  The last thing you want to do is alienate your customers.  We’ll help ensure your messages are well received.

Lastly, we can put you into the driver’s seat of a highly robust e-mail marketing delivery system, one that will be flexible no matter what size your mailing list is, and one that will give you the reports by which you can measure the success of your campaigns.  No more fighting with in-house options that just waste your time and frustrate your employees.